Adventures in Neuroscience        "Learn at your own pace"

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Welcome to Adventures in Neuroscience...

Linda believes that a working knowledge of neuro anatomy is essential to  the management of neuroscience patients.
Brain, spine, assessment  ... and building on that foundation -  ischemic stroke care.    
Now you can get neuro information whenever and wherever you choose ... just drop your DVD into a player at your convenience and review information that is pertinent to your patient care.

Home, library, classroom or with friends

  NEW  Comprehensive Management of Ischemic Stroke
            Linda Littlejohns and Mary Kay Bader discuss the assessment of stroke symptoms, patient management with and without tPA.  Includes case studies

  STILL AVAILABLE   Brain Anatomy
                                   Spinal Cord Anatomy
                                   Neuro Assessment 
                               Studying for your CNRN
                               Orientation of new nurses to the neuro unit
                                Acute Care NP but need to review Neuro??

                                                 These DVDs are for you!


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